Fruits of Neon Online Slot Rating and reviews

The new Fruits of Neon slot machine developed by Fugaso gives players the opportunity to have a similar experience to that of visiting Las Vegas in person even if they do not have the financial means to do so. This flashy new slot machine has been developed to pay tribute to the bright lights of Sin City by using a traditional set of fruit symbols that have been fashioned to seem like neon signs. You’ll feel like you’re right at home in Vegas when you play this slot machine with its 40 paylines and ever-growing jackpot rewards thanks to the fact that the action moves at a breakneck rate. You’ll also be able to play this slot machine, along with all of Fugaso’s other creations, on any platform, including mobile phones and tablets, exactly like the company’s other games.

Fruits of the Neon: The Game Guide

Even first-time gamblers won’t have a hard time getting the hang of Fruits of Neon’s controls since they’re so straightforward. Before you begin spinning, the only thing you will need to do is choose a coin size using the buttons on your right and then choose the number of coins you wish to spend on each line using the buttons on your left. You have the ability to adjust your wager anywhere from an inexpensive 0.40 credits (0.01 for a coin) up to a maximum of 100 credits for each spin using the settings that are provided.

At the Fruits of Neon slot machine, you will be eligible for payouts if you land at least three matching symbols on any one of the game’s forty paylines, beginning with the reel to your leftmost position. Simply choose one of the glowing dots located around the margins of your screen using your mouse or touchpad to see the paytable. There are nine distinct symbols that have the potential to activate the rewards that are indicated in the paytable. Each award is multiplied by the size of the coin you play with and the number of coins you play. When playing for real money with one coin each line, you have the chance to win rewards that range from eight times to four hundred times as many coins. When you invest five coins, the rewards will be five times as much as normal. Fruits of Neon also offers a one-of-a-kind feature that gives stacks of matching symbols. This function, which is detailed in more detail in the bonus section that can be found below, might come in handy if you are trying to collect a win.

Things will operate somewhat differently when you play at a mobile casino as opposed to a desktop one. You will need to rotate your Android smartphone or tablet, as well as your iOS device, so that it is in landscape mode before you can play. When playing while on the go, the controls for the spin will take up the majority of your screen; thus, you will need to utilize the hidden menu in order to put your bets. Along with the other configuration options for the slot, it is located in the bottom-right corner of your screen.

Fruits of Neon Free turns as well as bonuses

The bonus features of the Fruits of Neon slot machine will be of great assistance to you in accumulating even more rewards while you are playing for real money. In addition to wild symbols, which may create a winning combination by standing in for any symbol other than the scatter symbol, this slot game also awards players with random stacks of symbols that have previously been matched. This additional function, which the slot machine refers to as the Super Fruits feature, will offer stacks of the same symbols by changing symbols that are near to one another. Any individual spin has a chance of triggering the bonus round randomly.

When you reach the free spins round, the Super Fruits feature becomes even more rewarding since the slot machine will only produce stacks with high-paying and wild symbols during this round. You will need to accumulate at least three scatter symbols before you can activate the free spins bonus. The number of free spins awarded is based on the number of scatter symbols that started the bonus round: three, four, or five. Free spins are awarded in groups of ten, fifteen, and twenty.

Be on the lookout for prizes that contribute toward the progressive jackpot if you want the opportunity to win even more bonus money. The Fruits of Neon slot machine, much like all of Fugaso’s other jackpot slots, features three progressive jackpot prizes that are up for grabs. These rewards begin with the Mini jackpot, then go up to the Midi jackpot, and finally, the Maxi award. Even with lower bets, there is always a chance of winning one of the three progressive jackpots with each real money play.

The Results of Neon Jackpots, Return to Player (RTP), and Volatility

The only way to walk away with a significant amount of cash from Fruits of Neon is to win one of the game’s three progressive jackpots. This slot game has a medium level of volatility and offers a maximum payout of 80,000 coins, in addition to three separate jackpot prizes that may be won while playing for real money. This game’s return to player percentage is 96 percent, which helps it pay out rather well. Despite this, the fact that the slot machine pays out so often raises the possibility that it will be challenging to win the more substantial jackpots.

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